Central error handling for Express

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Errors for Express

Easy error handling for Express APIs.



Install together with express

npm i express errors-express


Import the error handler middleware and place it at the end of the middleware stack. Any error (operational or not) thrown by a controller is handled and sent to the client.

Use the handler with a callback to perform extra actions such as logging. Callback receives the error and the request object.

Use guards to return a custom error response after not found or not allowed methods requests.

import express from 'express';
import errorHandler, { Errors, Guards } from './index.js';

const app = express();

app.get('/protected', async (req, res) => {
  throw Errors.Unauthorized('You must first sign in');

app.all('*', Guards.NotFound());

app.use(errorHandler((error, req) => {
  console.log(`[${req.method} ${req.url}] ${error.message}`);

app.listen(process.env.PORT || 3000);


The base error class used by the package is HttpError. Send optional errorCode for error identification (useful for error translation).

HttpError(statusCode, message, errorCode?)

Default errors are provided by the package, just include optional message and errorCode.

import { HttpError, Errors } from 'errors-express';

throw new HttpError(400, 'Invalid request', 'MISSING_PSWD');

throw Errors.NotFound();
throw Errors.Forbidden('You cannot do this');
Error statusCode Default message
BadRequest 400 The request syntax is invalid
Unauthorized 401 The authentication credentials are invalid
Forbidden 403 You are not allowed to use this resource
NotFound 404 This resource does not exist
MethodNotAllowed 405 This method is not allowed for this resource
Conflict 409 There is a conflict with the current state of the resource
Unprocessable 422 The request is unprocessable
TooManyRequests 429 The maximum number of requests has been exceeded
InternalServer 500 An internal server error occurred


Guards automatically return an error if none of the previous handlers are called.

import { Guards } from 'errors-express';

app.get('/resource', ResourceController);
app.all('/resource', Guards.MethodNotAllowed());

Only MethodNotAllowed and NotFound are available.