Reusable ESLint config for Beemo configured projects.

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A modern TypeScript-only ESLint config with optional presets. Expands upon the amazing Airbnb config to provide the latest ECMAScript features, enforce popular patterns, and align with the wider community.

yarn install --dev eslint eslint-config-beemo


Extend the beemo config in your root .eslintrc.js. Additional presets are available for additional rules.

module.exports = {
    root: true,
    extends: ['beemo'],


The following additional configs can also be extended, but are not enabled by default.

  • beemo/browser - Sets the environment to the browser/DOM and enables the compat plugin. Should not be used with the node preset.
  • beemo/node - Sets the environment to Node.js and enables the node plugin. Should not be used with the browser preset.
  • beemo/react - Enables the react, react-hooks, react-perf, and jsx-a11y plugins.
    • Only applies to *.tsx files and also extends the browser preset.
    • Enables automatic JSX runtime if root react version is 17+.


  • Extends the airbnb-base config and enables additional rules.
  • Prefers named exports over default exports.
  • Enforces async/await/promise best practices with the promise plugin.
  • Sorts imports/exports in a logical way using the simple-import-sort plugin.
  • Encourages readable tests with the jest plugin. Only applies to test files.
  • Enables additional awesome rules from the unicorn plugin.
  • Automatically sets parserOptions.project based on the root tsconfig.json.
  • Avoids any type and unsafe operations.
  • Uses tabs over spaces for accessibility compliance.


  • Source files must be located in a src folder.
  • Tests files must end in *.test.{ts,tsx} and be located within a tests or __tests__ folder.
  • Relies on TypeScript for parsing files.
  • Root package.json contains a Node.js engine for the target runtime.