Consistent ESLint standards for Deque product development

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A consistent, expandable standard ESLint configuration for Deque product development.


npm i eslint-config-deque

eslint and eslint-plugin-react (if using the React subconfiguration) are required as peer dependencies and should be installed as devDependencies in your project's root package.json.

This module contains a parent eslint-config-deque configuration and multiple subconfigurations which extend it. To enable the parent configuration, add extends: ['eslint-config-deque'] to your project's .eslintrc.json (or other applicable ESLint config). You can add your own rules, globals, environment settings, and so on directly in your ESLint config to override the standards if necessary.

Available Configurations


This is the main configuration, and the parent of any more specific subconfigurations. It defines the core ruleset, options, and general environment settings.


This subconfiguration is tuned for React projects, with React-specific rules and settings.


This subconfiguration is intended for API servers.