ESLint config for edX JavaScript ES2015+ code.

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This is the edX ESLint shareable config for linting ES2015+ JavaScript. See eslint-config-edx-es5 if you need to lint ES5 code.

Note that versions of eslint-config-edx-es5 prior to v2.0.0 are INCOMPATIBLE with this config.

edX maintains high-level documentation on the Open edX Developer's Guide on how we write new JavaScript features, including our use of RequireJS, Underscore and Backbone. This document and config seeks to be a lower-level guide on the semantics of how we write ES2015+ JavaScript, including nuts and bolts about spacing, syntax, and variable naming.

For the most part, edX follows the thoroughly documented Airbnb JavaScript Style Guide for ES2015. In addition to the base Airbnb rules, edX adds or extends several of our own. They are described below.


  • Setting: ["error", "ignoreProperties"]

  • Explanation: All variables that represent jQuery objects should be named starting with a $. Object properties may ignore this rule.

  • Example:

    // Correct pattern
    const $fooSpan = $('span#foo');
    const ignoreProps = {};
    ignoreProps.fooSpan = $('span#foo');
    // Linter error
    const fooSpan = $('span#foo');