In The Pocket's base JS ESLint config, based on Airbnb's config

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Eslint config itp base

NPM version MIT License

In The Pocket's base JavaScript ESLint config, based on Airbnb's config.


Install the correct versions of each package, which are listed by the command:

npm info "eslint-config-itp-base@latest" peerDependencies

Linux/OSX users can simply run

export PKG=eslint-config-itp-base;
npm info "$PKG@latest" peerDependencies --json | command sed 's/[\{\},]//g ; s/: /@/g' | xargs npm install --save-dev "$PKG@latest"

Which produces and runs a command like:

npm install --save-dev eslint-config-itp-base eslint@^#.#.# eslint-plugin-import@^#.#.#


Add the following to your .eslintrc file in the project root

  "extends": "itp-base"

Run eslint

eslint .


Eslint-Config-Itp-Base is freely distributable under the terms of the MIT license.