Mixmax's WIP style guide for JavaScript.

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This project defines a linter configuration that enforces healthy JS syntax. Later it should probably enforce our code styles (sorry for the private link, non-Mixmaxers) or those of a more established guide—see Roadmap).


npm install -D eslint-config-mixmax

Install this config's peer dependencies if you haven't already:

npm install -D "eslint@>=7.18.0"

Using browser config

If you'll be using the browser configs, make sure to install the following dependencies:

  • eslint-plugin-react
  • eslint-plugin-react-hooks
  • @babel/eslint-parser
npm install -D "eslint-plugin-react@^7.23.1" "@babel/eslint-parser@^10.0.2" "eslint-plugin-react-hooks@^4.2.0"

Using Flow config

If you'll be using the flow configs, make sure to install the optional eslint-plugin-flowtype and @babel/eslint-parser dependencies.

npm install -D "eslint-plugin-flowtype@^3.11.1" "@babel/eslint-parser@^10.0.2"


Create .eslintrc.json files like

  "extends": "<name of config below>"

in the appropriate directories: extend…

  • "mixmax/node", in directories containing Node.js code.
  • "mixmax/node/spec", in directories containing Node specs (assumed to be using Jasmine).
  • "mixmax/node/ava", in directories containing ava tests.
  • "mixmax/node/next", in projects using node 8 syntax (should also extend mixmax/node).
  • "mixmax/flow", in projects using flow for type checking (should also extend mixmax/node or mixmax/browser).
  • "mixmax/browser", in directories containing browser code. eslint-plugin-react is enabled in this configuration to allow for React-specific linting. Additionally, Backbone and $ are globalized so that their import statements are not required by the linter (though they should be - see TODOs in this configuration file).
  • "mixmax/browser/spec", in directories containing browser specs (assumed to be using Jasmine).

If you want you can extend the base configuration directly ("extends": "mixmax") but you shouldn't need to since the Node and browser configurations already extend that.