jsx-control-statements specific linting rules for ESLint

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Install ESLint either locally or globally.

$ npm install eslint

If you installed ESLint globally, you have to install React plugin globally too. Otherwise, install it locally.

$ npm install eslint-plugin-jsx-control-statements

Configuration (Simple)

Add plugins section and specify ESLint-plugin-JSX-Control-Statements as a plugin and plugin:jsx-control-statements/recommended to "extends"

  "plugins": [
  "extends": ["plugin:jsx-control-statements/recommended"]

If it is not already the case you must also configure ESLint to support JSX.

  "ecmaFeatures": {
    "jsx": true

Configuration (Advanced)

The plugin comes with a number of rules and an environment that sets the control statements (<If>, <For> etc) as global variables:

  "rules": {
    "jsx-control-statements/jsx-choose-not-empty": 1,
    "jsx-control-statements/jsx-for-require-each": 1,
    "jsx-control-statements/jsx-for-require-of": 1,
    "jsx-control-statements/jsx-if-require-condition": 1,
    "jsx-control-statements/jsx-otherwise-once-last": 1,
    "jsx-control-statements/jsx-use-if-tag": 1,
    "jsx-control-statements/jsx-when-require-condition": 1,
    "jsx-control-statements/jsx-jcs-no-undef": 1,
    "no-undef": 0 // Replace this with jsx-jcs-no-undef
  env: {
    "jsx-control-statements/jsx-control-statements": true


After version 7.0.0 of eslint-plugin-react the rule react/jsx-no-undef it's not checking globals by default anymore. So you need to enable this to avoid lint errors telling that "If", "Choose", etc. are not defined. To fix this add to your rules:

   "rules": {
     "react/jsx-no-undef": [2, { "allowGlobals": true }]

List of supported rules

  • jsx-choose-not-empty: Warn when Choose tag is empty or does not have at least one When tag as child.
  • jsx-for-require-each: Warn if For tag is missing each attribute. And also marks the variable as defined.
  • jsx-for-require-of: Warn if For tag is missing of attribute.
  • jsx-if-require-condition: Warn if If tag is missing condition attribute.
  • jsx-otherwise-once-last: Warn when Otherwise tag is used more than once inside Choose and is not last child.
  • jsx-use-if-tag: Use If tag instead of ternary operator.
  • jsx-when-require-condition: Warn if When tag is missing condition attribute.
  • jsx-jcs-no-undef: Replaces the built-in no-undef rule with one that is tolerant of variables expressed in <For> (each and index attributes) and <With>. Note that to stop getting errors from no-undef you have to turn it off and this on.


Thanks to @yannickcr for his awesome eslint-plugin-react.


MIT License. Copyright(c) Vivek Kumar Bansal