Patch to make esri-leaflet playt nice with leaflet-active-area

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import esriLeafletActiveAreaPatch from '';



What is this?

When using esri-leaflet with leaflet-active-area, any derivative of L.esri.RasterLayer becomes distorted when added to a map with an activearea. Take the following example, where a dynamicMapLayer is added to a map that has an active area applied (outlined in dotted blue):

the problem

The layer is distorted, as it us using the bounds of the entire map to retrieve the image, but then the image is applied to the bounds of the active area. Enter esri-leaflet-active-area-patch:

the solution

Voila! Fixed.

Install and Use

npm install esri-leaflet-active-area-patch

And somewhere in your project:

import 'esri-leaflet-active-area-patch'

And that's it! Enjoy.