A node module to get the slource by downloading the esri js api amd modules and creating a package.

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esrislurp may the slourceā„¢ be with you!

Download and unwind esri js api amd modules and css to create a local package for builds, testing, and continuous integration. The best way to get the slourceā„¢.

Getting Started

Unfortunately, Esri's Javascript API isn't available through more easier ways such as NPM or Bower. This tool is the next best thing. It will download the entire Javascript API including CSS into the source directory of your project.


Install esrislurp from NPM:

npm install esrislurp --save-dev


esrislurp(baseDir, version, [beautify], [onSuccess], [onError], [onProgress])


Type: String

A string value letting esrislurp know where to put the downloaded files.


Type: String Valid Values: "3.13"|"3.13compact"

A string value representing the version of the esri js api to download.

All versions from 3.0 to 3.13 both standard and compact are valid.


Type: Boolean Default value: false

A boolean value to make the js and css code beautiful.


Type: function Default value: noop()

A function which is called once all files have been successfully downloaded.


Type: function Default value: noop()

A function which is called if an error occurs. errorMessage is the error.


Type: function Default value: noop()

A function which is called after each file is downloaed. progess is an object with two attributes: total, which holds the total amount of files to be downloaded; and count, which holds the current amount of files downloaded.


var esrislurp = require('esrislurp'),
    baseDir = 'src',
    version = '3.13',
    beautify = true;

function onSuccess() {
  console.log('Esri JS API successfully downloaded');

esrislurp(baseDir, version, beautify, onSuccess);

Build Tools


See grunt-esri-slurp


var gulp = require('gulp');
var esrislurp = require('esrislurp')

gulp.task('download-esri-api', function(cb) {
  esrislurp('src', '3.13compact', cb, cb);

Adding new modules

  1. Download the API: Navigate to the esri downloads page and download the API selecting the version you want to create a module list for.
  2. Run add-module: npm run add-module path/to/

Release History

1.2.3: Updated unwinder to create successful dojo builds with 3.14

1.2.1: Added esri version 3.14

1.2.0: Introduce the creation of a module list from a zip file for both compact and full api. Introduce the ability to slurp the compact api.

1.1.0: Update dependencies. Fix bugs to allow for all node versions to complete successfully.

1.0.3: Remove string.js dependency from module builder.

1.0.2: Remove string.js dependency.

1.0.1: Update dependencies to remove log error messages.

1.0.0: Fixed 3.13 module list for successful builds.

0.4.2: Added esri version 3.13 from download page.

0.4.1: Added esri version 3.13.

0.4.0: Added esri modules back to version 3.5.


Copyright (c) 2014 steveoh. Licensed under the MIT license.