A collection of utility functions for Ethereum

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A collection of utility functions for Ethereum. It can be used in Node.js and in the browser with browserify.


npm install ethereumjs-util


import assert from 'assert'
import { isValidChecksumAddress, unpadBuffer, BN } from 'ethereumjs-util'


assert.ok(unpadBuffer(Buffer.from('000000006600', 'hex')).equals(Buffer.from('6600', 'hex')))

assert.ok(new BN('dead', 16).add(new BN('101010', 2)).eqn(57047))



Read the API docs.


  • account
    • Account class
    • Private/public key and address-related functionality (creation, validation, conversion)
  • address
    • Address class and type
  • bytes
    • Byte-related helper and conversion functions
  • constants
    • Exposed constants
      • e.g. KECCAK256_NULL_S for string representation of Keccak-256 hash of null
  • hash
    • Hash functions
  • object
    • Helper function for creating a binary object (DEPRECATED)
  • signature
    • Signing, signature validation, conversion, recovery
  • types
    • Helpful TypeScript types
  • internal
    • Internalized helper methods
  • externals
    • Re-exports of BN, rlp

ethjs-util methods

The following methods are available by an internalized version of the ethjs-util package (MIT license), see internal.ts. The original package is not maintained any more and the original functionality will be replaced by own implementations over time (starting with the v7.1.3 release, October 2021).

  • arrayContainsArray
  • getBinarySize
  • stripHexPrefix
  • isHexPrefixed
  • isHexString
  • padToEven
  • fromAscii
  • fromUtf8
  • toUtf8
  • toAscii
  • getKeys

They can be imported by name:

import { stripHexPrefix } from 'ethereumjs-util'


ethereumjs-util re-exports the following commonly-used libraries:

They can be imported by name:

import { BN, rlp } from 'ethereumjs-util'


See our organizational documentation for an introduction to EthereumJS as well as information on current standards and best practices.

If you want to join for work or do improvements on the libraries have a look at our contribution guidelines.