A central object for event listening and emitting with advanced execution controls

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Event Nexus

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A central object for event listening and emitting with advanced execution controls.

See chain-builder for how event listeners are executed.

See ordering for how event listeners are ordered within an event chain.

See needier for ordering sorts based on dependencies.

See eventa for another event system.


npm install event-nexus --save


// get the module's builder function
var buildNexus = require('event-nexus')

// the only build option is `contextBase`.
// it can have constants as well as functions
// anything in it will be available in the execution context
// given to each event listener function
var buildOptions = { contextBase: {some: 'stuff'} }

// build the nexus with the options
var nexus = buildNexus(buildOptions);

// add an event listener
nexus.on('some event', function() {
  // this will print:
  //   context base: stuff
  console.log('context base:', this.some);

// to use a custom context base for an individual event chain,
// instead of all event chains, create the event chain manually
// and specify the options:
// (true means create if it isn't created)
nexus.chain('new event name', true, {
  base: { the: 'custom base' }

// you can do a `once` listener as well.
// or, if you want it to execute 2 or more times depending on something:
nexus.on('some event', function(control) {
  // if we have run enough times we're no longer needed...
  if (this.event.something) {
    // or add a reason for info purposes:
    control.remove('I am no longer needed');

// both `on` and `once` allow specifying multiple listeners at once.
// they accept them as a list of params, or, as a single param array
nexus.on('some event', listener1, listener2, listener3);
nexus.on('some event', listeners);

// remove a listener:
nexus.off('event name')

// remove all event listeners for a specific event:
nexus.clear('event name');
// OR: remove all event listeners for *all* events:

// finally, emit event with a name and, optionally, an event object
var eventObject = { some: 'thing' };
nexus.emit('eventing', eventObject);
// a listener for the above example:
nexus.on('eventing', function() {
  // this.eventName == 'eventing'
  // this.event == eventObject
  // the below prints:
  //   eventing some thing
  console.log(this.eventName, 'some', this.event.some);


Nexus functions:

  1. on - add listener(s)
  2. once - same as on() except they run only once
  3. off - remove a listener
  4. clear - remove all listeners for all events, or, for a specific event
  5. emit - usual emitter accepts event name and an event object


  1. accept a callback in emit() which is added as a one-time 'done' event listener on the chain.

MIT License