self-contained eslint profile

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  import exlint from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/exlint';



A self-contained eslint profile that requires no boilerplate setup such as installing several profiles and plugins. Uses babel-eslint out of the box for bleeding-edge ES6/ES7.

How to Use

Use exlint exactly as you would use eslint.

# globally
npm install exlint -g
# or locally
npm install exlint --save-dev

exlint path/to/dir


exlint is based on standard with a few tweaks based on my personal coding preference. The following rules are enforced on top of the standard config:

  • Use const if variable is immutable
  • Use a comma dangle with multiline objects
  • Use open spacing in objects { foo: 'bar' }
  • Wrap arrow function parameters in parentheses (a) => {}, (a, b) => {}
  • Use the correct order for requiring/importing modules: native node modules, installed modules, custom modules in the same directory, then custom modules in upper directories.


MIT © Jason Maurer