Development version of the Exosphere communication platform

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  import exocommDev from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/exocomm-dev';


ExoSphere Communication Server

Circle CI

This is the development version of the ExoSphere Communication Server.


$ npm i -g exocomm-dev


ExoComm can be used via 2 separate APIs.

Command-line API

This is the main way to use ExoCommDev by end users (ExoSphere developers).

$ exocomm

The default port is 3100. To run it at another port:

$ exocomm --port <port number>

More details around configuring the port here.

JavaScript API

You can integrate ExoComm into your own NodeJS application through its JavaScript API. The CLI is implemented using the JavaScript API.

new ExoComm
  ..on 'error', (err) -> # boo!
  ..on 'listening', (port) -> # woohoo!
  ..listen 3100


ExoComm broadcasts messages to other services. Services have to register with it first to tell it which messages they want to send and receive.


See our developer guidelines