A core rest api for a couchdb database

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Express CouchDb Core

This module provides a generic restful api for accessing couchdb documents. By dropping this module in your express application you can immediately start managing couchdb documents via a restful crud interface in your single page application. This module only includes list, create, read, update and delete, it does not include any view or query functionality, this has to be implemented in your express application.


npm install express-couchdb-core --save
// add model design and all view to couchDb
node init.js [couchdb]


var core = require('express-couchdb-core');
var config = { couch: 'http://localhost:5984/foo' };
app.config(function() {
  // handle other requests first
  // handle core requests

Optional configuration

If you would like to dynamically change which database is being used, then use the following configuration and set the request parameter given to the name of the database to use. The database_parameter_name is optional and will default to "COUCH_DB".

var config = { url: 'http://localhost:5984', database_parameter_name: 'COUCH_DB'}


The api uses the term model to represent the document type, and it is assumed that when you store your documents you will use the type node in the document to represent the model type. For example,

  "_id": "123456789",
  "name": "Johnny Paper",
  "type": "person"

RESTFul call

GET /api/person

will return all documents of type "person"

GET /api/:model

Returns a list of documents of the type :model

POST /api/:model

Create a document of type :model

GET /api/:model/:id

Returns a couch document

PUT /api/:model/:id

Updates an existing couch document or creates a couch document with specific id

DEL /api/:model/:id

Deletes a couch document

Adding Child docs

This module comes with a feature to add child docs that can also be pulled down with a get request from the parent as an array in the parent node.

For Example:

POST /api/foo

  "_id": 1,
  "_rev": 1,
  "name": "bar",
  "type": "foo"

Next we post a child document to foo and we use the underscore to indicate it is a child document type and use the [model]_id to assign ownership to the parent document.

POST /api/foo_bar

  "_id": 2,
  "_rev": 1,
  "name": "baz",
  "type": "foo_bar",
  "foo_id": 1

This will link the document type foo_bar as a child to document type foo. And when you get the foo document of id 1, it will return the foo document with a key called foo_bar: [] and the child document in that array.

GET /api/foo/1

  "_id": 1,
  "_rev": 1,
  "name": "bar",
  "type": "foo",
  "foo_bar": [{
    "_id": 2,
    "_rev": 1,
    "name": "baz",
    "type": "foo_bar",
    "foo_id": 1

you can have multiple children docs attached to a parent doc.




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