An express module that adds a couchDb file service api to any express app.

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A express module that provides a simple file upload api using couchDb as file storage.


npm install express-couchFs --save


var couchFs = require('express-couchdb-fs');

app.configure(function() {
  app.use('/api/file', couchFs({couch: 'http://localhost:5984/fs'}));

Alternate Configuration

If you would like to dynamically change which database is being used, then use the following configuration and set the request parameter given to the name of the database to use. The database_parameter_name is optional and will default to "COUCH_DB".

app.use('/api/file', couchFs({url: 'http://localhost:5984/', database_parameter_name: 'COUCH_DB' }));


POST /api/file

The post statement can be a FORM Post or XHR2 post, the important aspect is that the body contains a file field named: uploadFile

On Success, this returns the couchdb generated document response:

  ok: true,
  id: xxxxx,
  rev: xxxx

GET /api/file/:id

Grabs the file and downloads it to the client with a save as dialog. Or shows it as an image if the file is an image file. Does not do any caching but should be added.

To request an inline attachment, add the query string inline=true to the url. If the browser can natively handle the attachment, it will be displayed as requested, else it will fallback to a download.

DELETE /api/file/:id

Removes the file from the file store





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