controllers and parameter binding for express

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This is a simple library that adds controller classes and parameter binding to express. It's really just a gimmick that I was tinkering with. I'm not sure if it's useful or even a remotely good idea.

Instead of just binding to a function, as is normal with express, dispatch lets you bind to a class and function.

Here's an example controller:

dispatch = require 'express-dispatch'

class ExampleController extends dispatch.Controller

  greet: (name) ->
    @response.send "Hello, #{name}!"

module.exports = ExampleController

Dispatch lets you connect a route pattern (like get /user/:userid or post /users) to an action method on a controller. Everything is connected up by name. Here's how we'd register our example controller to respond to GET requests at /greet:

express = require 'express'
dispatch = require 'express-dispatch'

controllers =
  test: ExampleController

routes =
  'get /greet': 'example.greet'

app = express()
dispatch.register(app, controllers, routes)

Now, when someone GETs /greet, a new instance of ExampleController will be created, and its greet() function will be called with the arguments bound by name to query string parameters.

$ curl -XGET
Hello, Nate!

This also works with POSTs. If we changed our route to:

routes =
  'post /greet': 'example.greet'

Then we could do this:

$ curl -XPOST -d 'name=Nate'
Hello, Nate!

(Note that this requires using the bodyParser express middleware.)

For more information, check out the examples and tests.