Plugin Authorizing for Express Gateway

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This is plugin for Express Gateway The main purpose for authenticate with auth service that impl OpenId Connect standard This plugin useful for integrating with old login merchanism

Getting Started in 5 minutes:

$ yarn add express-gateway-plugin-authorizing

Configure this plugin:

  1. [Fronted-end] Condition for invoking request: Add Extra Header Key-Value: Auth-Type = "SSO"
  2. Declare in system.config.yml
  3. [Config-Gateway] Add config SSO_ENDPOINT, USER_INFO_SERVICE or SSO_INTROSPECT_ENDPOINT to action params
  4. [How-it-work] Request will pass to introspect/userinfo endpoint and caching ttl and decide to pass-through or denied request.
  5. Re-test

Detailed documentation:

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CLI for installing and configuring plugin: Plugins CLI

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Express Gateway Boot Sequence explains order in which plugin entities are loaded and executed.