An pagintate template helper for handlebars and express

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Express Handlebars Paginate Helper with Twitter Bootstrap Enabled

I have created this template as I wanted to have a paginate template that would work on the fly. I don't want to make our own html for that and can be used as a helper for express handlebars. I hope this would be useful for others as well.


npm install express-handlebars-paginate


/* ... */

var paginateHelper = require('express-handlebars-paginate');
//Register Helper
Handlebars.registerHelper('paginate', paginate);

With Handlebars


/* ... */
Handlebars.registerHelper('paginate', paginate);

With Express Handlebars

/* ... */
hbs.handlebars.registerHelper('paginateHelper', paginateHelper.createPagination);

Send the pagination object in your response or express controller Example:

res.render('renderViewHTML', { pagination: { page: currentPage, limit:PageLimit,totalRows: TotalNoOfROWS }});

Query Parameter : Allows to send query parameters to paginatin

res.render('renderViewHTML', { pagination: { page: currentPage, limit:PageLimit,totalRows: TotalNoOfROWS, queryParams: object }});

Usage in Handlebars Template

{{{paginateHelper pagination}}}



Type: int Default: 7

Allows to define the number of page number limit

{{paginate pagination limit="7"}}


Type: string Default: <i class="fa fa-chevron-left"></i>

Allows to define the text for left link

{{paginate pagination leftText="Prev"}}


Type: string Default: <i class="fa fa-chevron-right"></i>

Allows to define the text for right link

{{paginate pagination rightText="Next"}}


Type: string Default: pagination pagination-sm

Allows to define the ul pagination class

{{paginate pagination paginationClass="some class"}}