Middleware that instantiates a redux store and allows you to dispatch to it in express routes

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Adds a middleware that augments an existing express application with the ability to

  • create a store
  • dispatch and retrieve state from the store (via decorating the res object)
  • get the set of actions that have been dispatched so far (also via the res object)

The middleware takes two arguments

  • storeCreator - a function that should return a newly minted store. The function will receive req, res as arguments
  • renderFn - (optional) a function that takes three arguments store, req, res, and should return an HTML output string.

All functions are resolved as Promises, and therefore can be either synchronous or async.

Although this module is designed to work with redux and express, it really only requires some interfaces to work. Hence, it doesn't have any hard dependencies.


express-redux also decorates the res object with an additional capability, reduxRender.

  • If req.xhr is true, then reduxRender renders a JSON representation of the dispatch queue.
  • Otherwise, it runs the optional renderFn parameter and renders the output

Note that req.xhr is only set if the header

X-Requested-With: XMLHttpRequest

is present.


  import expressRedux from 'express-redux';
  import { createStore } from 'redux';

  const app = express();
  const rootReducer = state => state; // for illustrative purposes

  const storeCreator = (req, res) => {
    // do something with req, res if you need to
    return createStore(rootReducer, ...middlewares);


  app.get('/index', (req, res) => {
    res.dispatch({ type: 'SOMETHING', ...});
    const lastAction = res.getActions().shift();
    assert(lastAction.type === 'SOMETHING');
    assert(res.getActions().length, 2); // getActions() returns a shallow copy
    res.render('something', res.getStore().getState());