Create route groups in expressjs

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Create route groups in express.js

Quick start

  1. npm i express-router-group
  2. Add require('express-router-group) in the first line of your route files.
  3. Use'/path', () => {}) to start grouping routes.

How to use

For prefixing all routes with a certain path, you use the group method added to the express router, as the following example:

const router = express.Router();"/api/v1", router => {
    router.get("/login",; // /api/v1/login 

In case you don't want to add a prefix but still need to group certain routes you can leave the first parameter and go straight for the function:

const router = express.Router(); => {

Adding middlewares

You can also add middlewares to route groups:

const router = express.Router();
const myMiddleware = function(req, res, next){
    console.log("Applying middleware");
    return next();
}"/api/v1", myMiddleware, router => {
    router.get("/login",; // /api/v1/login 

Then everytime you go to a route in the /api/v1 group, it will console log "Applying middleware".