Express middleware to handle Slack requests

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Slack Express Middleware


      slack = require('express-slack'),
      express = require('express'),      
      app = express();

// the path for OAuth, slash commands, and event callbacks
app.use('/slack', slack({
  scope: SCOPE,
  token: TOKEN,
  store: 'data.json'
  client_id: CLIENT_ID,
  client_secret: CLIENT_SECRET

// handle the "/test" slash commands
slack.on('/test', (payload, bot) => {

app.listen(PORT, () => {
  console.log(`Server started on ${PORT}`);



const slack = require('express-slack'),
      express = require('express'),      
      app = express();

app.use('/slack', slack({
  scope: 'bot,commands',
  token: 'gIkuvaNzQIHg97ATvDxqgjtO',
  store: 'data/team.json'
  client_id: 'XXXXXXXXXXXX',
  client_secret: 'XXXXXXXXXXXX'
Argument Description
scope The Slack OAuth scope to request
client_id The Slack OAuth Client Id code
client_secret The Slack OAuth Client Secret code
token The Slack Verification Token (optional)
store A string path to a filestore or a custom store object


// handle RTM messages
slack.on('message', (payload, bot) => { });

// handle all slash commands
slack.on('slash_command', (payload, bot) => { });

// handle the outgoing webhooks trigger word "googlebot"
slack.on('googlebot', (payload, bot) => { });

// handle multiple events
slack.on('googlebot', '/test', 'slash_command', (payload, bot) => { });

// wildcard support
slack.on('*', (payload, bot) => { });
Event Description
***** All events
message All RTM events
slash_command All Slash Commands
event All Event API callbacks
webhook All WebHook callbacks
interactive_message All Interactive message callbacks
[/command] Any specific slash command
[event type] Any specific event type
[trigger word] Any trigger from outgoing webhooks


Bots are preloaded with the appropriate token and are context aware. So you can reply to messages and send ephemeral updates to a message.

slack.on('message', (payload, bot) => {

    text: 'Everything is working!',
    attachments: [{
      title: "Slack API Documentation",
      title_link: "",
      text: "Optional text that appears within the attachment",
      fields: [{
        title: "Priority",
        value: "High",
        short: false

  // the token is already set
  bot.send('', { channel: 'C1234567890' }).then(data => {
    // results from API call
Methods Description
say Send a message
reply Send a public reply to the event
replyPrivate Send an ephemeral reply to the event
send Call any Slack API endpoint

Data Store

A key/value store to maintain team/bot information and store custom setings. The store follows the same interface of a single BotKit Store => {
  // list of all items
}); => {
  // return a single record by key
Methods Description
get Get a single record by id
all Get all saved records
save Save a record


The Slack client is a way to call the API outside of an event.

let message = {
  unfurl_links: true,
  channel: 'C1QD223DS1',
  token: 'xoxb-12345678900-ABCD1234567890',
  text: "I am a test message",
  attachments: [{
    text: "And here's an attachment!"

// send message to any Slack endpoint
slack.send('chat.postMessage', message).then(data => {
  // Success!

// respond to webhooks
slack.send('', message);


// create an instance with defaults
let instance = slack.client({
  unfurl_links: true,
  channel: 'C1QD223DS1',
  token: 'xoxb-12345678900-ABCD1234567890'  

let message = {
  text: "I am a test message",
  attachments: [{
    text: "And here's an attachment!"

// send message to any Slack endpoint
instance.send('chat.postMessage', message);