a simple way to config url,controller,view of express based web app

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A simple way to config URL , Controller , View of express based web app

how to use

  • write a config file router.json , config url,controller,view

        "/": {
            "action": "index",
            "method": "execute",
            "result": {
                "success": "/view/index.jade",
                "error": "/view/error.jade"
        "/product": {
            "subs": {
                "/intro": {
                    "action": "product/intro",
                    "result": {
                        "success": "/view/product/intro.jade",
                        "error": "/view/product/error.jade"
                "/:productId": {
                    "action": "product/detail",
                    "result": {
                        "success": "/view/product/detail.jade"

  • in app.js

        var sledge = require("express-sledge");
        sledge(app, require("./router.json"),path.join(__dirname, "routes"));
  • write a controller , index.js

        exports.execute = function(req,res){
            //just like express.router function
            //this will render the configured view
            //if something goes wrong , you can render the error view
            //you can also call the any methods of  express.Response
  • Finish ! visit localhost:3000

For more details , run ./example/bin/www .


  • sledge(urlPattern , config , baseControllerPath);

    • urlPattern any pattern supported by express

    • config Object , see lib/config.json

    • baseControllerPath path of routers directory. require("path").join(__dirname , "routes")

    This will parse the config to express.Router and add function result to express.Response . You can use this function to choose which view to render. Of course , you can still use express.Response.render or other functions.