Node based JSON/HTTP proxy to SOAP webservices

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Node based JSON/HTTP proxy to SOAP webservices.


  • Routes HTTP/GET requests to SOAP webservices, passing along any parameters in query string.
  • Returns SOAP responses as JSON.
  • Supports sequence & enumerated WSDL parameter types.
  • Provides explicit and clear error messages and proper HTTP status codes.


npm install -g express-soap2json


This module can be used in two ways:

Standalone proxy server

If you just need a simple proxy running out of the box, use the provided soap2json command:

soap2json -p <port> -u <http://soap-server/services/>

Express middleware

Inside you own Express application, you can configure an Express server to route some requests to SOAP webservices:

var soap2json = require('express-soap2json'),
    server = require('express')();

    server.use( soap2json("<soap server url>", "<JSON apis prefix>") );


Take a look at the Mocha tests for more detailed examples.