A module for writing cross-browser extensions.

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  import extensionizer from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/extensionizer';



A module for writing cross-browser extensions

Most browsers (other than Safari) have implemented the WebExtensions API for writing browser extensions.

Unfortunately, they've often hidden that common API under a variety of differently named global objects.

When you import extensionizer, it grabs those WebExtension APIs from wherever they're hiding, and hangs them all on a singleton object that it returns to you.

Just use extensionizer instead of the browser specific extension prefixing.

Sample Usage

First install with npm install extensionizer -S.

const extension = require('extensionizer')

// Ever notice you can't use normal hyperlinks in an extension?
// Now it's easy:
extension.tabs.create({url: 'mailto:help@metamask.io?subject=Feedback'})

const manifest = extension.runtime.getManifest()

For the full list of supported methods, refer to the MDN API documentation.

Running Tests

Install Mocha (npm install -g mocha).

Run npm test.