Extracts email address from an arbitrary text input.

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extract-email-address 📧

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Extracts email address from an arbitrary text input.


import extractEmail from 'extract-email-address';
import type {
} from 'extract-email-address';

extractEmail(input: string): $ReadOnlyArray<EmailMatchType>;


import extractEmail from 'extract-email-address';

extractEmail('extracts email from anywhere within the input gajus@gajus.com');
// [{email: 'gajus@gajus.com'}]

extractEmail('extracts multiple emails located anywhere within the input: foo@gajus.com, bar@gajus.com');
// [{email: 'foo@gajus.com'}, {email: 'bar@gajus.com'}]

extractEmail('extracts all sorts of obfuscated emails, e.g. f o o @ b a r . c o m or baz [at] qux [dot] com');
// [{email: 'foo@bar.com'}, {email: 'baz@qux.com'}]

extractEmail('extracts tagged emails, e.g. gajus+foo@gajus.com');
// [{email: 'gajus+foo@gajus.com'}]

extractEmail('extracts emails surrounded by odd unicode characters, e.g. 邮箱:gajus@gajus.com');
// [{email: 'gajus@gajus.com'}]

extractEmail('extracts emails surrounded by emojis, e.g. 📧gajus@gajus.com');
// [{email: 'gajus@gajus.com'}]

extractEmail('excludes invalid emails with invalid TLDs, e.g. gajus@gajus.png');
// []

extractEmail('ignores invalid emails foo@bar');
// []

Filtering results

Some matches might be syntactically valid email addresses, but not actual email addresses, e.g. apple-touch-icon@2.png.

extract-email-address uses a list of valid top-level domains to filter out matches that are definitely not emails (such as png example), but you might still need to filter out domain specific false-positives.

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