Watch files for changes.

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  import fWatcher from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/f-watcher';


File Watcher

File Watcher

Watch files for changes. This works fine when working in VIM, since VIM renames the files when saving them.


$ npm install fwatcher


// Dependencies
var FileWatcher = require("fwatcher");

// Listen for changes
FileWatcher(__dirname + "/test.txt", function (err, ev, path) {
    /* do something */


FileWatcher(path, callback)

Creates a new file watcher.


  • String path: The path to the file.
  • Function callback: This function will be called when the file is changed or renamed. The first parameter is the error, the second one is the evenit name and the third one is the file path.


  • Watcher The watcher instance.

How to contribute

  1. File an issue in the repository, using the bug tracker, describing the contribution you'd like to make. This will help us to get you started on the right foot.
  2. Fork the project in your account and create a new branch: your-great-feature.
  3. Commit your changes in that branch.
  4. Open a pull request, and reference the initial issue in the pull request message.


See the LICENSE file.