CLI for easy Factry-related templating and utility

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  import factryCli from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/factry-cli';


Factry command line tool

The Factry CLI is here to help you facilitate your day to day tasks at Factry. It's a simple tool build with Commander (https://github.com/tj/commander.js/)


  • factry --help prints a list with all possible functions (basically a copy of the README file)
  • factry --go <project name> creates a new Go project in a directory with the given name. After initialising the project, it automatically runs dep init inside of the new project folder.
  • factry --svelte <project_name> creates a new Svelte project in a directory with the given name. Afterwards, it automatically runs npm init.


Installation is easy; just run yarn global add factry-cli or npm install -g factry-cli.