A Winston wrapper for Fagougou Node projects

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A Winston wrapper for Fagougou projects

Getting Started

  1. 根目录配置文件 logger.yml

通过写入 appName,如果程序没有找到配置文件,则会读取 package.json 中的 name 字段作为 appName 的值

logger.yml 长这样:

appName: fagougou-backend

  1. 安装 npm

npm install -S fagougou-js-logger

  1. 在代码中使用
const logger = require('fagougou-js-logger')

// Error
logger.error('Something wrong')

// Warn
logger.warn('Please attention')

// Info
logger.info('Make some noise')

// Debug (debug message will not be saved to log file but should be shown in console when we are not in production)
logger.debug("I'm watching you")

  1. 启动项目后,将在项目根目录自动生成 logs/${appName}.log 文件

注意: Debug 级别的消息是不会写入到日志文件的,但是会在非 production 环境中在 console 中显示

logs/fagougou-backend.log 长这样:

{"message": "Something wrong", "level":"error", "app":"fagougou-backend", "timestamp":"March 21st 2019, 17:35:26.859"}
{"message": "Please attention", "level":"warn", "app":"fagougou-backend", "timestamp":"March 21st 2019, 17:35:26.859"}
{"message": "Make some noise", "level":"info", "app":"fagougou-backend", "timestamp":"March 21st 2019, 17:35:26.859"}

  1. (optional)后续可以使用 ELK 等日志系统来抓取日志文件中的内容作为进一步的分析

Dependency: Winston