event sender for fake-chokidar

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  import fakeChokidarSender from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/fake-chokidar-sender';



event sender for fake-chokidar

How to use

First, follow the instructions for fake-chokidar.

Then, download the current release of the fake-chokidar-sender executable. You might also build your own from source or just call node directly, but it's unnecessary.

Run the executable like so:

fake-chokidar-sender --port 12345 .:/my-source
  • --port 12345 specifies the same UDP port you configured for fake-chokidar when calling inject()

  • .:/my-source is a pair that you should read as . : /my-source. It means that the process should watch for file changes in the current directory (.). Of course you can specify any directory here. Normally this should be the name of the directory of your shared folder, as seen by the host. Likewise, /my-source is the name of the equivalent folder in the guest.

This will forward all Chokidar events for the current directory (and all directories below) via UDP to the guest. Events for file ./foo/bar.txt will be seen by the guest as /my-source/foo/bar.txt.


Please run fake-chokidar-sender --help.

Create your own binary

Just download the source and run

npm install
npm run package-win64