Fastify plugin for scheduling periodic jobs

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Fastify plugin for scheduling periodic jobs. Provides an instance of toad-scheduler on fastify instance.
Jobs are stopped automatically when the fastify instance is stopped.

Getting started

First install the package:

npm i fastify-schedule toad-scheduler

Next, set up the plugin:

const { fastifySchedulePlugin } = require('fastify-schedule')
const fastify = require('fastify');


From there jobs can be added to scheduler at any point until the application is stopped:

const { SimpleIntervalJob, AsyncTask } = require('toad-scheduler')

const task = new AsyncTask(
    'simple task',
    () => { return db.pollForSomeData().then((result) => { /* continue the promise chain */ }) },
    (err: Error) => { /* handle errors here */ }
const job = new SimpleIntervalJob({ seconds: 20, }, task)


For more detailed instructions, see the documentation of toad-scheduler.