FogBugz shell

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  import fbsh from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/fbsh';


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FogBugz shell


Install with npm:

$ npm install [-g] fbsh


ls                           - list active cases from current filter
ls f                         - list available filters
ls p                         - list available projects
ls m                         - list available milestones
ls u                         - list available users
ls c                         - list available case categories
ls s                         - list available case statuses
u id                         - print user info
search q                     - searches cases by specified q
take case [comment]          - assign given case to logon user
resolve [case] [comment]     - resolves current or given case
close case [comment]         - close given case
reopen case [comment]        - reopen given case
assign case userId [comment] - assign given case to given user
kick case [comment]          - return given case back to team
log [case] [comment]         - logs specified comment to given case
q[uit]                       - exit from this shell
exit                         - exit from this shell
help                         - print this command list


  • move fbsh from fogbugz.js to reduce fogbugz.js dependecies
  • document fbsh commands in readme.md