get list of event handlers on a given DOM object (grabbed via jQuery)

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import findEventHandlers from '';




npm i find-event-handlers --save

Stop wasting your time looking for where those handlers are registered, use findHandlersJS and discover them instantly.


findEventHandlers(eventType, jQuerySelector)

Imagine you want to find all the "click" event handlers for all the buttons that are immediate children of the div with id="myDiv":

findEventHandlers("click", "div#myDiv > :button")

It will return an array with the element names, the jQuery $._data event information and the list of elements that that event handler covers (targets).

For example, if div#myDiv has a delegate handler with the selector :button and there is a button with id="save" inside the div, you would get this result:

    element: div#myDiv,
    events: [{
        type: "click",
        handler: function() {...},
        namespace: "",
        selector: ":button",
        targets: [button#save]        

If you are using the console on Chrome, you can right click the handler, click show function definition and add breakpoints to debug the handlers.

To detect whether or not there are any handlers attached to an element, use a library like lodash to determine whether or not the returned object is empty.