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recursively find the closest package.json

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Say you want to check if the directory name of a project matches its module name in package.json:

const path = require('path')
const findRoot = require('find-root')

// from a starting directory, recursively search for the nearest
// directory containing package.json
const root = findRoot('/Users/jsdnxx/Code/find-root/tests')
// => '/Users/jsdnxx/Code/find-root'

const dirname = path.basename(root)
console.log('is it the same?')
console.log(dirname === require(path.join(root, 'package.json')).name)

You can also pass in a custom check function (by default, it checks for the existence of package.json in a directory). In this example, we traverse up to find the root of a git repo:

const fs = require('fs')

const gitRoot = findRoot('/Users/jsdnxx/Code/find-root/tests', function (dir) {
  return fs.existsSync(path.resolve(dir, '.git'))


findRoot: (startingPath : string, check?: (dir: string) => boolean) => string

Returns the path for the nearest directory to startingPath containing a package.json file, eg /foo/module.

If check is provided, returns the path for the closest parent directory where check returns true.

Throws an error if no package.json is found at any level in the startingPath.


> npm install find-root

running the tests

From package root:

> npm install
> npm test


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MIT. (c) 2017 jsdnxx