Factories for creating test data and saving it to firebase

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Firebase Factories

Define factories for your models and use the factory to save data to your firebase.


  1. Define a factory with factories.define
  2. Use this factory definition to create and save new data to firebase


const factories = require('firebase-factories')({firebase: new Firebase(<my-firebase-root>)})

const UserFactory = factories.define('User', {
  // define the root of where this collection lives
  root: 'users',
  // provide a function that tells the factory how to calculate ids for the
  // newly generated users n is a number that gets incremented with every factory
  // of this type that gets created
  id: (n, options) => {
    return `test-user-${id}`
  // provide a function that returns an object which will be used as the user record
  attributes: (n, options) => {
    const defaults = {info: {name: `User ${n}`, uid: `test-uid-${n}`}}
    if (options.isAdmin) { = true
    return defaults
  // return a promise that gets called after the user is saved
  // this is useful for setting up other records that need to 
  // exist in order to look up the user id
  afterSave: (n, options, user) => {
    return firebase.child(`uids/${}`).set(user.$id)

Create and save data

  • Use the Factory.create(overrides = {}, options = {}) method on your factory definition
    • overrides is an object that will override the default attributes from your factory definition
    • options is an object that will get passed into the attributes function. See example usage for creating regular users vs. creating admin users.
  • These new objects will get saved to firebase with whatever you return from the attributes function in the factory definition.
  • There will be two other properties attached to these saved records:
    • $id: the id of the object
    • $save: a function that returns a promise that resolves after the record is saved and the afterSave() callback is completed
const userRegular = UserFactory.create()
const userAdmin = UserFactory.create({}, {isAdmin: true})
const userJane = UserFactory.create({info: {name: 'Jane'}})

]).then((values) => {
  console.log('All the users have been saved')


  • tests (use firebase-server to create tests)
  • js standard