Helper utils for flat html structures

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Flat HTML Helpers

This is a utility library primarily focused around quick and dirty HTML edits from flat sources, such as Markdown.

When you parse a markdown file that follows a spec, often times the output HTML is very flat and lacking. This library is a middle man to help format and generally improve the HTML markup for use on websites.

NOTE: This is not a Markdown parser. Instead you can parse your markdown with whatever your favorite parser is (I like marked), then through the generated HTML trough the util function(s) here.


Documentation is automatically built and deployed on our GitHub pages site here.



Injects line breaks before <em> tags within header tags.

const formatted = breakHeaderEms('<h1>Foo <em>Bar</em></h1>');
console.log(formatted); // '<h1>Foo <br /><em>Bar</em></h1>'


Cleans up ids that may have duplicates; by adding a -N to the end, or you own custom formatter.

const cleaned = cleanIds('<hr id="test"><hr id="test">');
console.log(cleaned); // '<hr id="test"><hr id="test-2">';

It also can take an optional duplicateFormatter callback to format duplicate Ids.

const cleaned = cleanIds(
    '<hr id="test"><hr id="test">',
    (id, n) => `${id}___${n}`,
console.log(cleaned); // '<hr id="test"><hr id="test___2">';


Nests and wraps flat <h#> tags into sections.

const sectionized = sectionize(`
    <p>first content</p>
<section class="for-h1">
    <div class="h2-content">
        <p>first content</p>
        <section class="for-h2">
            <div class="h2-content">

Note: exact whitespace (newlines and indentation) will not be pretty printed like this example. It was added to enhance readability.