flat ui radio select field builder

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  import flatRadioField from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/flat-radio-field';


flat radio field

A mobile/touch optimized radio select in the style of Flat UI. For use with NPM modules Browserify and brfs.

npm install flat-radio-field

To play with this repo, or see the example

npm install -g browserify opa
git clone [this repo]
cd [this repo]
opa -e example.js -n


It's a function that will return a fieldset HTMLElement with your options. Default width is 100%, so you should probably put in a container div, or set the width value on the fieldset.

Actual radio inputs are used, so this will/should work inside a normal form element.

It takes an options/config object:

legend: title of the options list (used in the legend Element)
name: the name for the value all the radios represent (the key for the field)
options: an array of objects with at least a 'value' param (and optionally a 'checked' param)
color: the overall color // optional
legendColor: just the text color of the legend // optional
fontColor: font colors for radio options // optional
selected: color to fill selected radios with // optional


from example.js

var radioField = require('./flatradio.js');

var config = {legend: 'love me with a', name: 'osc-type', options: [{value: 'sine'}, {value: 'triangle'}, {value: 'saw', checked: true}]}

var fieldset = radioField(config)

var div = document.createElement('div');

div.style.width = '220px';