Plugin to integrate express as router into flatiron.

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  import flatironExpress from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/flatiron-express';



Ever wanted to use flatiron with its awesome plugin features and configuration integration but get rid of this crappy director thing and use express? This is what flatiron-express does. It integrates express into your flatiron application to replace director as router.


To include the express plugin use the following code to integrate it.

var flatiron = require('flatiron'),
    flatironExpress = require('flatiron-express'),
    app = flatiron.app;

Now you can start using express like this:

app.get('/', function (req, res) {

All the verbs you know from express are just provided to you through the application object.

Another feature is the use() proxy. flatiron-express replaces flatiron's use() method with a proxy to make it easy to use express middleware. Here's an example:

var express = app.express;

/* First we use some flatiron plugins as proof of concept. */



/* And then we use ordinary express middleware.  So the following should be
 * pretty familiar to you. */

  .use(express.session('keyboard cat'));

/* Finally we spawn the http server to hit express to action.  (I never
 * understood why flatiron's http does this ugly app.start thing) */


Pretty straight forward.



Options are supplied when attaching the plugin to the application:

app.use(require('flatiron-express'), {

  /* Options ... */


The following options are provided:

  • instance - With this option you can supply a self-instantiated express instance which is then used.


In the following I describe the properties which are attached to the application object.


This property holds the instantiated express instance.


Replaces the traditional use method with a proxy which can handle both express middleware and flatiron plugins.


All verbs provided by express. For the usage refer to the express documentation.