Interval Tree implementation as augmented binary red-black tree

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Interval Tree

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Interval Tree implementation as it is described in Cormen et al. (2009, Section 14.3: Interval trees, pp. 348–354).

Important note

This package is not supported and will be deprecated soon. Consider moving to the scoped version @flatten-js/interval-tree.


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npm install flatten-interval-tree -save


let IntervalTree = require('flatten-interval-tree');

API Reference


Create new instance of interval tree

let tree = new IntervalTree();

Insert(key, value)

Insert new item into the tree. Key is and interval object or an array of [low, high] numeric values.
Value may represent any value or refer to any object. If value omitted, tree will store and retrieve keys only.
If key is an object, it should expose low and high properties and implement the following methods: less_than, equal_to, intersect, clone, output, maximal_val, val_less_than.
Method returns reference to the inserted node

let node = tree.insert(key, value);


Method returns true if entry {key, value} exists in the tree.
Method may be useful if need to support unique items.

let exist = tree.exist(key,value);

Remove(key, value)

Removes item from the tree. Returns true if item was actually deleted, false if not found

let removed = tree.remove(key, value);


Returns array of values which keys intersected with given interval.
If tree stores only keys with no values, search returns array of keys which intersect given interval

let resp = tree.search(interval);

Size (getter)

Returns number of items stored in the tree

let size = tree.size;


Enables to traverse the whole tree and perform operation for each item

tree.forEach( (key, value) => console.log(value) )


npm test


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