Convert any of @FortAwesome's Font-Awesome icons to an asset, such as an <svg> tag or a Base64-encoded PNG/SVG <img> tag! It supports Retina devices and custom tag attributes too! This package was built for @CrocodileJS.

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  import fontAwesomeAssetsUpdated from '';



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Convert any of @FortAwesome's [Font-Awesome][fa] icons to an asset, such as an <svg> tag or a Base64-encoded PNG/SVG <img> tag! It supports Retina devices and custom tag attributes too! This package was built for [CrocodileJS][crocodile-url].

500px adjust adn align-center align-justify align-left align-right amazon ambulance american-sign-language-interpreting anchor android angellist angle-double-down angle-double-left angle-double-right angle-double-up angle-down angle-left angle-right angle-up apple archive area-chart arrow-circle-down arrow-circle-left arrow-circle-o-down arrow-circle-o-left arrow-circle-o-right arrow-circle-o-up arrow-circle-right arrow-circle-up arrow-down arrow-left arrow-right arrow-up arrows arrows-alt arrows-h arrows-v asl-interpreting assistive-listening-systems asterisk at audio-description automobile backward balance-scale ban bank bar-chart bar-chart-o barcode bars battery-0 battery-1 battery-2 battery-3 battery-4 battery-empty battery-full battery-half battery-quarter battery-three-quarters bed beer behance behance-square bell bell-o bell-slash bell-slash-o bicycle binoculars birthday-cake bitbucket bitbucket-square bitcoin black-tie blind bluetooth bluetooth-b bold bolt bomb book bookmark bookmark-o braille briefcase btc bug building building-o bullhorn bullseye bus buysellads cab calculator calendar calendar-check-o calendar-minus-o calendar-o calendar-plus-o calendar-times-o camera camera-retro car caret-down caret-left caret-right caret-square-o-down caret-square-o-left caret-square-o-right caret-square-o-up caret-up cart-arrow-down cart-plus cc cc-amex cc-diners-club cc-discover cc-jcb cc-mastercard cc-paypal cc-stripe cc-visa certificate chain chain-broken check check-circle check-circle-o check-square check-square-o chevron-circle-down chevron-circle-left chevron-circle-right chevron-circle-up chevron-down chevron-left chevron-right chevron-up child chrome circle circle-o circle-o-notch circle-thin clipboard clock-o clone close cloud cloud-download cloud-upload cny code code-fork codepen codiepie coffee cog cogs columns comment comment-o commenting commenting-o comments comments-o compass compress connectdevelop contao copy copyright creative-commons credit-card credit-card-alt crop crosshairs css3 cube cubes cut cutlery dashboard dashcube database deaf deafness dedent delicious desktop deviantart diamond digg dollar dot-circle-o download dribbble dropbox drupal edge edit eject ellipsis-h ellipsis-v empire envelope envelope-o envelope-square envira eraser eur euro exchange exclamation exclamation-circle exclamation-triangle expand expeditedssl external-link external-link-square eye eye-slash eyedropper fa facebook facebook-f facebook-official facebook-square fast-backward fast-forward fax feed female fighter-jet file file-archive-o file-audio-o file-code-o file-excel-o file-image-o file-movie-o file-o file-pdf-o file-photo-o file-picture-o file-powerpoint-o file-sound-o file-text file-text-o file-video-o file-word-o file-zip-o files-o film filter fire fire-extinguisher firefox first-order flag flag-checkered flag-o flash flask flickr floppy-o folder folder-o folder-open folder-open-o font font-awesome fonticons fort-awesome forumbee forward foursquare frown-o futbol-o gamepad gavel gbp ge gear gears genderless get-pocket gg gg-circle gift git git-square github github-alt github-square gitlab gittip glass glide glide-g globe google google-plus google-plus-circle google-plus-official google-plus-square google-wallet graduation-cap gratipay group h-square hacker-news hand-grab-o hand-lizard-o hand-o-down hand-o-left hand-o-right hand-o-up hand-paper-o hand-peace-o hand-pointer-o hand-rock-o hand-scissors-o hand-spock-o hand-stop-o hard-of-hearing hashtag hdd-o header headphones heart heart-o heartbeat history home hospital-o hotel hourglass hourglass-1 hourglass-2 hourglass-3 hourglass-end hourglass-half hourglass-o hourglass-start houzz html5 i-cursor ils image inbox indent industry info info-circle inr instagram institution internet-explorer intersex ioxhost italic joomla jpy jsfiddle key keyboard-o krw language laptop lastfm lastfm-square leaf leanpub legal lemon-o level-down level-up life-bouy life-buoy life-ring life-saver lightbulb-o line-chart link linkedin linkedin-square linux list list-alt list-ol list-ul location-arrow lock long-arrow-down <img src="" width="16" height="16" title="long-arrow-left" alt="long-arrow-left" /