A Webpack plugin that forces case sensitivity in imports

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  import forceCaseSensitivityWebpackPlugin from '';



This is a plugin for Webpack that forces import statements to match case with the target file on the disk.

Issues arise when developers (like myself) work on OSX machines with case-insensitive file systems and deploy to Linux servers that do have case-sensitive file systems. This plugin will break the build when a difference in case is discovered:

Module not found: Error: ForceCaseSensitivityPlugin: 'ThisFile.js' does not match the corresponding file on disk 'thisfile.js'


npm install --save-dev force-case-sensitivity-webpack-plugin


var ForceCaseSensitivityPlugin = require('force-case-sensitivity-webpack-plugin');

var webpackConfig = {
    plugins: [
        new ForceCaseSensitivityPlugin()
    // other webpack config ...

Thanks & Credit

Special thanks and credit to Alexandre Kirszenberg who's gist I lifted and formed into this npm module for re-usability.