Admin gui app for mongoose and non mongoose projects

Usage no npm install needed!

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Formage Admin

Bootstraped admin forms for Mongoose, originally forked from mongoose-admin.


npm install formage-admin

var admin = require('formage-admin').init(app, express);

Also, look at \example directory.

Some Options

// model options
model.label = 'My Songs';
model.singular = 'Song';
model.static = {
   js: [ '/js/songs.js' ],
   css: ['/css/songs.css' ]
model.formage = {
    filters: ['artist', 'year'],
    // Additional actions on this model
    actions: [
          value: 'release',
          label: 'Release',
          func: function (user, ids, callback) {
             console.log('You just released songs ' + ids);
    // list of fields to be displayed by formage for this model
    list: ['number', 'title', 'album', 'artist', 'year'],
    // list of order fields
    order_by: ['-year', 'album', 'number'],
    // list of fields that must be populated (see
    list_populate: ['album']

// one-document models
model.single = true;

// field options
field.label = 'Song Title';