Git flow command line tool

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A git command line tool to improve the git workflow.

⚠️ DEPRECATED: this cli tool has been merged with other cli tools in fox-awesome-cli. Use that one instead.

About the cli

It works only in a basic gitflow workflow with the following branches:

  • master
  • hotfix/XXX or hotfix-XXX
  • release/XXX or release-XXX
  • develop
  • feature/XXX or feature-XXX

* In the future this will be configurable.

This cli is part of a set of personal cli tools named as fox-awesome-cli also developed by myself.


Prerequisites: NodeJS (>=14.x tested only) and git installed.

You can install it globally:

yarn global add fox-git-cli or npm install -g fox-git-cli

Or install locally:

yarn add fox-git-cli or npm install fox-git-cli


This cli tool can be used with some aliases: foxgit, foxg, fgit and fg. You can choose the one you prefer.

The usage is:

foxgit <command> [options]


You can see some information and the available commands using the help option or not using any command:

foxgit or foxgit -h


Synchronizes the current branch with the remote source branch. By default hotfix and release branches are synchronized with master branch and feature branches are synchronized with develop.

If you are already in a source branch (i.e. master or develop) this command does nothing.

Basically this command performs:

  • Pulls the most recent changes from source branch.
  • Tries to merge these changes into the current branch. You can force doing a rebase using the --rebase parameter.

For further options docs:

foxgit branch-sync -h