Node, npm and yarn command line tool

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A cli tool to work better with node, npm and yarn.

⚠️ DEPRECATED: this cli tool has been merged with other cli tools in fox-awesome-cli. Use that one instead.

About the cli

I created this cli tool to make my life easier when working with node, npm and / or yarn. Its goal is to provide helpful commands to be used when developing or in automated processes, e.g. pipelines.

This cli is part of a set of personal cli tools named as fox-awesome-cli also developed by myself.


Prerequisites: NodeJS (>=14.x tested only) installed.

You can install it globally:

yarn global add fox-node-cli or npm install -g fox-node-cli

Or install locally:

yarn add fox-node-cli or npm install fox-node-cli


This cli tool can be used with some aliases: foxnode, foxn, fnode and fn. You can choose the one you prefer.

The usage is:

foxnode <command> [options]


You can see some information and the available commands using the help option or not using any command:

foxnode or foxnode -h


Checks the node package manager used in the current directory (and in its parents). Only works with npm and yarn.

Possible return values: yarn, npm or unknown


Publishes the package in current project only if current version is not already published in the registry.

Command arguments:

  • -h, --help: See help section.
  • -u, --update: Updates the package version before publishing. See help the options available.
  • -p, --push: Pushes the changes to remote. It should be done if an update is done to keep consistency.