Essential javascript architecture for the Fuel side chain

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Fuel Core

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Essential JavaScript architecture for the Fuel side chain.


  • A complete optimistic rollup side-chain implementation in JS
  • Extremely cheap (under 3840 wei per transaction)
  • Pre-cleared instant transactions (1.4 to .8 seconds on average)
  • Multi-network testnet support in Goerli and Ropsten
  • Meta-transactional by default (pay fees in any ERC20)
  • Complete node, faucet and wallet implementations
  • Live pubsub support for instant balance updates
  • Works with any ERC20 token (simply deposit to use)
  • Supports HTLC's for instant atomic swaps
  • High throughput capability (surge approx. 10k tps, on-chain 250tps)
  • Censorship resistant (enter and exit at will)
  • Completely open-source under Apache-2.0


npm install --save fuel-core


import { Wallet, utils } from "fuel-core";

const { faucet, transfer, listen, tokens, balance, address } = new Wallet({
   signer: new utils.SigningKey(utils.randomBytes(32)),

(async () => {
  await listen(async () => {
    console.log(await balance(tokens.fakeDai));

  await faucet();

  await transfer(500, tokens.fakeDai, address);

Deposit / Withdraw

import { Wallet, utils, providers, dbs } from "fuel-core";

const { deposit, balance, withdraw, retrieve, tokens } = new Wallet({
  signer: utils.SigningKey(utils.randomBytes(32)),
  provider: new providers.Web3Provider(window.web3.currentProvider),
  db: new dbs.Index(),
  chainId: 3, // default is 3 Ropsten (only supported)

(async ()=>{

  await deposit(1000, tokens.ether /*, { from: eth_accounts[0] } */);

  console.log(await balance(tokens.ether));

  await withdraw(500, tokens.ether); // make a withdrawal UTXO

  await retrieve(tokens.ether); // wait 1 weeks, select withdrawal zero or first withdrawal in DB to retrieve [, withdrawlIndex]


Listener Support

const { listen } = new Wallet(...);

(async ()=>{

  // a cb can be added here, results are { key: , value: } objects.
  // fires for all wallet events and incoming transactions
  await listen(/* callback */);



const { sync } = new Wallet(...);

// Sync your wallet DB with the Fuel API
(async ()=>{

  await sync();



new Wallet({
  signer, // [Object] ethers Signer object
  provider, // [Object] web3 provider object
  db: new dbs.Memory(), // [Object] database object
  chainId: '3' // [String | Number] '3' Ropsten or '5' Goerli (only supported)
  // alternative: [String] network: 'ropsten' // or 'goerli'


const { dbs } = require('fuel-core');

new dbs.Index(...); // Based on window.localStorage
new dbs.Level({ ... }); // Level store (level)
new dbs.Memory({ ... }); // Memory storage (memdown)

Running a Node

git clone https://github.com/fuellabs/fuel-core
# setup your environment variables (described below)
npm install
# then run one of the following commands
  • Full Sync - npm run node-sync-ropsten runs a full node with mempool optionality with remote MySQL DB
  • Faucet - npm run node-faucet-ropsten runs a faucet node (for fund requests/dispersal of test tokens)
  • Verifier npm run node-verifier-ropsten runs a verifier node (no mempool or block production)
  • Gancache npm run node-ganache runs a local Ganache server

Note, Goerli is also supported, i.e. npm run node-sync-goerli etc.

Building and Deploying

  • Build Fuel npm run build-fuel builds the Fuel.sol contracts, writes artifacts
  • Deploy Fuel npm run deploy-fuel-ropsten deploys Fuel based on environmental configuration (npm run deploy-fuel-goerli also supported)

Running a Test MySQL Sync Node

  1. Fill out environment variables.
  2. One instance:
npm run node-ganache
  1. Another instance:
npm run test-node-sync

Environment Variables

Set these in your ~/.bashrc or ~/.bash_profile to operate the sync and dispersal nodes.

# Web3 HTTP Provider (string - url.. Infura or Other *Required*)
# goerli_web3_provider="https://.."

# MySQL Database Environment (string[s] - mysql connection settings, optional for sync or verifier nodes)
# ropsten_mysql_host
# ropsten_mysql_port
# ropsten_mysql_database
# ropsten_mysql_user
# ropsten_mysql_password

# goerli_mysql_host
# goerli_mysql_port
# goerli_mysql_database
# goerli_mysql_user
# goerli_mysql_password

# Keys (string - 64 byte hex)
# block_production_key=0x..
# fraud_commitment_key=0x..
# transactions_submission_keys=0x..[, 0x...]

# Faucet (string - hex)
# faucet_key=0x..

# Faucet (numberish - hex | number)
# faucet_token_id=1
# faucet_dispersal_amount=0x..

# Sentry Error Reporting (optional)
# sentry=https://..

# Monitor Memory (boolish, optional)
# memwatch=1

# Verifier Only (no block production, only fraud commitments etc..) (boolish, optional)
# verifier=1

# Chain Identifier (number, eventually 1 Mainnet or 3 Ropsten are supported, default: 3)
# chain_id=3

# Gas Limit (string - hex)
# gasLimit=0x..

# PubNub
# pubnub_publisher_key=
# pubnub_subscriber_key=

Help out

There is always a lot of work to do, and will have many rules to maintain. So please help out in any way that you can:

  • Create, enhance, and debug fuel-core rules (see our guide to "Working on rules").
  • Improve documentation.
  • Chime in on any open issue or pull request.
  • Open new issues about your ideas for making fuel-core better, and pull requests to show us how your idea works.
  • Add new tests to absolutely anything.
  • Create or contribute to ecosystem tools.
  • Spread the word!

We communicate via issues and pull requests.

Important documents


Please consider donating if you think Fuel is helpful to you or that my work is valuable. I am happy if you can help us buy a cup of coffee. ❤️

Or just send us some Dai, USDC or Ether:

0x3e947a271a37Ae7B59921c57be0a3246Ee0d887C Etherscan


This project is licensed under the Apache-2.0 license, Copyright (c) 2020 Fuel labs. For more information see LICENSE

Copyright 2020 Fuel Labs

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
You may obtain a copy of the License at


Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
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