install 'full-icu' data for your current node

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  import fullIcu from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/full-icu';



Install full ICU data from GitHub or npm

To use

npm install full-icu

Note: Set env var FULL_ICU_PREFER_NPM=true to prefer using the icu4c-data npm module, otherwise the default is now to load from ICU4C’s GitHub release.

To install globally

npm install -g full-icu

After Installation

Instructions will be printed out on how to activate this data for your version of node.

This work gets done in a postinstall script which copies the icudt*.dat file up to this module's level.


require('full-icu') returns a few properties:

  • nodever - the full Node version (ex: 14.2.0)

  • node_maj - the major part of the node version (ex: 14)

  • node_min - the minor part of the node version (ex 2)

  • icu_small - if truthy, means that node was built with small-icu (English only). If falsy, means that the full-icu package is not relevant.

  • icuver - the full ICU version, if available, such as 55.1. Sometimes only the major version is available.

  • icumaj - ICU major ver, such as 55. May be === icuver.

  • icumin - ICU minor version, such as 1 if available.

  • icuend - ICU endianness - little, big or ebcdic.

  • icupkg - the npm package needed to get full ICU data, if any.

  • icudat - the raw data file ICU expects to find for full data, if any.

  • noi18n - if truthy, no ICU / Intl build was enabled for your node version. Sorry.

  • oldNode - The node version is older than this package can really think about.


node-full-icu-path will print the full icudt*.dat path, if available.


Please see our CONTRIBUTING guide if you'd like to help with this initiative!


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