Library used for manipulating with queues

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FuQu /fʌkjuː/

Rude MQ wrapper that handles logging and message acknowlidgement for you

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  • 📨 Extensive predictable logging
  • ☔ Covered with integration tests
  • 🐇 Supports Google Pub/Sub and RabbitMQ
  • 🤡 Mock implementation for your tests
  • 💙 Typesafe message and attributes
  • 🚦 Automatic message acknowlidgement
  • 💓 Check heartbeat if connection is alive
  • ⛔ Configurable consumer flow control
  • 🐛 Debuggable with DEBUG:*

Getting started

npm install fuqu
// Create instance
const fuQu = fuQuRabbit<{ hello: string }>(connection, 'my-queue');
// Subscribe handler
fuQu.subscribe(msg => {
    console.log('Got this:', msg);
// Publish message
fuQu.publish({ hello: 'FuQu!' });
  • Handler may be async
  • Messages are automatically acknowledged. If there is an error, they are nacked instead.

Create instance

import { connect } from 'amqplib';
import { PubSub } from '@google-cloud/pubsub';
import { fuQuPubSub, fuQuRabbit } from 'fuqu';

// RabbitMQ
const connection = await connect('amqp://localhost');
const fuQu1 = fuQuRabbit(connection, 'my-queue');

// Pub/Sub
const pubSub = new PubSub({/*...*/})
const fuQu1 = fuQuPubSub(pubSub, 'my-queue');


const fuQu = fuQuRabbit(connection, 'my-queue', {
    // Throttle your consumers
    maxMessages: 1,
    // Log all events (typesafe, check for shapes!)
    eventLogger: event => {
        if (event.action !== 'hc') {
            console.log(`FuQu [${event.topicName}] (${event.action})`, event)
    // Mock with in-memory mock for your tests
    useMock: process.env.NODE_ENV === 'test',
    // Adapter specific options
    assertQueueOptions: {/* ... */}
  • Mock implements all general FuQu options. Accessing underlying message is unsafe and adapter specific options are ignored
  • eventLogger is for application logging, if no handler is passed, logging is disabled
  • For debug purposes, you can also enable logging via DEBUG:*, DEBUG:fuqu:* or DEBUG:fuqu:my-topic:*
  • maxMessages is transformed into specific options for each adapter, using custom adapter options might overwrite the behavior

Rude mode

If you want to have optimal FuQu expirience, use imports from fuqu/dist/real.


For running tests, start the following containers 🐳

docker-compose up --build


This project is licensed under MIT.