A galaxy generator based on

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galaxygen in urxvt

Note: I just updated the main code to a newer version, I also refactored most of the code to ES6 standards.

A quite complex galaxy generater based on the work seen here. I'm currently making a game that needed a generated galaxy, so I thought that someone else could maybe use this tool as well.

Have fun!

Install :

npm i galaxygen -g

Usage :

  galaxygen [OPTIONS] [ARGS]

  -s, --seed STRING      The seed you want to generate with. (defaults to '1234')
  -a, --amount NUMBER    The amount of stars you want to generate. (defaults to 1000)
  -o, --output STRING    The output file (if enabled). (defaults to printing JSON to stdout)
  -h, --help             Display help and usage details


If you want to add something to the project or add other factors to this generator, feel free to either create an issue or to clone the repository and submit a pull request!

All help is welcome!


The original work of this galaxy generator can be found at


Check out the LICENSE file for more information.