Watch some files, do a thing - a gazer fork capable of color output

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A Gazer fork capable of color output Build Status Build status Windows

Watch some files, do a thing

A simple wrapper for Shama's gaze module that performs an arbitrary command when files change. Like watchify, but for everything.


$ npm install gazer-color


$ gazer-color --pattern -- echo blorp
# note the -- between the gazer-color arguments like --patern and the command and its arguments

[ changes]

> blorp

Multiple patterns

gaze accepts an array of patterns, so does gazer-color:

$ gazer-color --pattern '**/*.js' --pattern '!node_modules/**/*' -- echo blorp

[index.js changes]

> blorp

Arbitrary watch tasks with npm run

If you haven't read substack's post describing lightweight build steps with npm run, I'll give you a moment to get up to speed.

Here's how you might use gazer-color to run a build task every time a file changes:

  "scripts": {
    "test": "mocha",
    "watch-test": "gazer-color -p \"public/less/**/*.less\" -- npm run test"

And then start the watcher:

$ npm run watch-less