A gcloud utility to create and manage pubsub topics

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GCloud Topics

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This tool was created with the main purpose of facilitating the deployment process and continuous integration, in addition to proposing a tool to facilitate the management of this resource 🚀


$ npm install -g gcloud-topics


Currently this package only implements a create method


create method allow you to create one or more topics using a definition yaml file, it receives only a path argument


$ gcloud-topics create --path="/absolute/path/config.yml"

Definition File

project: [gcp-project-id]
  - name: [topic-name]
    regions: #optional
      - [region-name]
    schema: # optional
      id: [schema-id]
      project: [schema-project-id] 
      encoding: [schema-message-encoding]
  • regions property is an optional array, if it is defined it will restrict the storage of the topic
  • schema property is optional, if it is defined the topic will look for an existent schema with the specified id

Next Changes

  • Add examples
  • Add delete command
  • Add update command
  • Add tests for each command
  • Validate existent topics before creation