Tool for generating React components by replicating your own

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Tool for generating React components by replicating your own.
It's intended to work no matter how your file structure is.


 Are you looking for a VS Code extension? Try vscode-generact.

It already works with boilerplates such as create-react-app (above example), react-boilerplate, react-starter-kit and ARc (ok, I'm self-promoting here 😆). So, most likely this will work for you with your current project.


$ npm install -g generact


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I usually work on different projects with different file structures. Whenever I needed to create a new component, the approach I used was to copy and paste a similar or very basic component and start writing the new component from it. Talking with other developers, this seemed like a very common process.

However, I've never been satisfied with that. It looked like I was doing a robot job. So why not create a robot to do that?


$ cd ~/my-projects/my-react-project
$ generact

That will scan ~/my-projects/my-react-project for components to replicate.

Specify another root path to find components

If you want to replicate components from another directory, you can do that by using root option:

$ generact --root relative/or/absolute/path/to/any/react/project

Specify component path to replicate

generact will probably find all component files inside the root path automagically (using list-react-files). But, if it doesn't, you can still pass in the component path:

$ generact relative/or/absolute/path/to/component.js


PRs are welcome.

Use npm run watch while coding.


MIT © Diego Haz